ArrowCat Power Catamarans
Unmatched Craftsmanship Meets Unyielding Spirit

Experience the thrill of the open water with unparalleled comfort and tailored craftsmanship. Whether you are cruising the coastlines or anchored in serene bays, your ArrowCat power catamaran is your gateway to a life of adventure and tranquility.

Introducing Our Newest Addition, The 20' Power Cat Center Console Model

We intentionally designed this model to be simple and plain – simple to take the boat out, simple to use and to maintain, plain by allowing you the flexibility to customize it according to your preferences.

ArrowCat 20cc

This 20-foot center console is built with strength and purpose, designed for ease and simplicity. Effortlessly take it out on the water, and enjoy straightforward maintenance and operation. Its clean, adaptable design allows for extensive customization, whether on your own or through a dealer.

Fully Planing Hull Design
LOA: 19′ 4″ / 5.89 meters
Beam: 8′ 4″ / 2.54 meters
Draft: 10″ / 0.254 meters

Explore Our 32' and 42' Signature Cabin Models

Perfect for inshore and offshore cruising, long distance and overnight trips, cold off seasons and hot boating seasons, and much more. The ArrowCat 32-foot and 42-foot models provide an exciting and versatile experience on the water. Explore to see which one could best suit your boating lifestyle.

ArrowCat 320

Merging express cruiser elegance with catamaran stability, the ArrowCat 320 Coupe features a planing hull design for smooth, swift rides. Powered by twin outboard motors, it promises dynamic performance and exhilarating adventures on every voyage.

Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Wet Head
Optional Tower Option
LOA: 31′ 2″ / 9.5 meters
Beam: 10’ / 3.05 meters
Draft: 20″ / 0.508 meters

ArrowCat 420 Coupe

The ArrowCat 420 Coupe combines the luxury of an express cruiser yacht with the stability of a catamaran hull. Designed with a planing hull for agile, efficient navigation and powered by twin outboard motors, it delivers unmatched performance for your ocean adventures.

Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Full Head
LOA: 41′ 9″ / 12.73 meters
Beam: 14′ 9″ / 4.50 meters
Draft: 18″ / 0.46 meters

ArrowCat 420 Flybridge

 This luxury express cruiser yacht boasts a catamaran hull for superior stability and a planing hull design that ensures efficient, agile handling. Powered by twin outboard motors, it offers robust performance. The addition of a flybridge enhances your view and enjoyment, making every journey unforgettable.

Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Full Head
LOA: 41′ 9″ / 12.73 meters
Beam: 14′ 9″ / 4.50 meters
Draft: 20″ / 0.51 meters

Our Unique Design

Enjoy your boat year-round and stay warm and dry during cooler weather or overnight trips, while also having a comfortable and private space to retreat for whenever you need a break. Here are a few reasons why an ArrowCat power cat is an excellent boat to consider.


Catamarans have two hulls, which provide more stability in the water. They are less likely to roll or pitch, which means they offer a more comfortable ride, especially in rough conditions and for people who are prone to seasickness.

Power catamarans are typically more fuel-efficient than monohull boats of the same size. It requires less energy and yields more performance per HP. The two hulls create little to no drag or resistance to get on plane, resulting in greater fuel economy. Allowing for longer journeys with fewer refueling stops. 

Power catamarans have a shallow draft which means they can navigate diverse cruising grounds – beaches, islands, rivers, channels, and coastal areas with limited water depth. 

Express Cruiser

Cabin boats are designed with comfortable sleeping quarters and living spaces. They feature a sleeping space with a bed, a galley with a stove, sink, and refrigerator, and a head with a shower and toilet.

Cabin boats provide protection from the elements, such as wind, sun, and rain. This allows for comfortable cruising in a variety of weather conditions, as well as providing a haven during storms

Express cruisers are designed for efficient and fast navigation, offering higher speeds compared to traditional cruising boats. They usually have powerful engines that enable them to cover long distances quickly, making them ideal for day trips or weekend getaways.

Powered By Outboard Motors

Outboard motors can provide excellent performance and speed. They can often reach higher speeds than inboard motors of the same horsepower.

Outboard motors have a simple and standard design and are relatively easy to install, they do not require additional components such as a transmission, propeller shaft, couplings, and struts, that inboard engines do. They are easily assessable and cost less to maintain than inboard motors because they are mounted outside at the rear of the boat.

Outboard motors are often designed with features that make them easy to maneuver. For example, they can be tilted or rotated to provide precise control and handling in tight spaces and shallower waters.

Experience A Smooth, Fast, And Stable Ride

Discover the unparalleled stability and speed of an ArrowCat power catamaran. Connect with our experts to schedule your sea trial today and experience the thrill firsthand.