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Our philosophy is to build multi-functional boats designed to support any boating lifestyle. Not a lifestyle built solely around wake boarding, cruising the bay or heading offshore to fish (only on the best weather days). We build boats ready to go boating when our customer are; not just when the conditions are optimal. We offer the ultimate machine to the person with the active, driven lifestyle. The majority of our boats are delivered to coastal saltwater locales to people who have owned a number of different styles of boat. They know what they want and don’t based on experience. ArrowCats are delivered to places where boating can be as much a necessity as a recreation. To have a boat capable of supporting your lifestyle, rather than dictating it, is actually a very complicated proposition. “How do you fit all of the amenities you want for extended trips, storage for the entire crews gear, sleeping for a minimum of 4 people, offshore navigation equipment, kayaks, solar panels, livewells and fishboxes and space for fishing/diving or simply relaxing. At the same time the boat has to offer signature styling and luxury appeal, yet can protect you in all the elements found in a well-rounded boating lifestyle…hot sun, cold rain, raging swells, and shallow conditions are just a few of the things you’ll encounter within a 100 miles when you’re located on the extreme latitudes. When operating in tropical and subtropical latitudes, our customers appreciate the environmental protection when it comes to extreme UV rays overhead. Harsh conditions mean extreme fatigue. Extreme fatigue is dangerous on a boat and when you’re protected from those elements, you’re safer and can play or work longer. That is what an Arrowcat is the highest level of performance in a variety of conditions while exuding an appealing look and confident feel that immediately sets our boats apart from the crowd—much like the people that drive them

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